Goal: Play tournaments against computer players. Climb the leaderboard with your five largest fish. Try not to get snagged, lose your lures, or damage your bass boat. Watch out for Creatures that love bass as much as you do.

Game Play: Search the Lake for Bass using equipment. Manage your time so you make it back to Marina for weigh in. Uses turn based board game mechanics instead of 3d arcade action. Multiplayer use simultaneous turns.

Select from collection of larger lakes. Define your strategy by buying combination of equipment, modifiers and tackle. Save money in case of emergency repairs or replacing a favorite lure. Every wanted to cheat but were afraid to ask? Choose from the Power Ups and gain an unfair advantage.

Get Chance Cards by tracking them down when they become available. They’re called chance for a reason. Some will be helpful. Others will mess up your fishing trip.

Game starts with buying gear with a fixed allowance of points. Tackle Store has large selection gear.. Buy items to upgrade tech, help detect fish, travel faster, cheat and land bigger fish.

You can visit the Tackle Store during play to replace expendables like lost lures or unanticipated events needing a repair kit.

Encounter hungry creatures begging for food. Take your chances by ignoring their demands. Treat them right, they will help you out.

Tournament mode allows all your friends to play on the same Lake. All Players compete to catch the five biggest Bass by end of Tournament day.

Everyone plays their turn’s action points simultaneously. When everybody is through with the turn, turn end timer is reset and all action points are restored. You must return to the Marina to weigh in your Bass before the end of Tournament. Only live Bass count toward your total.

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Demo summary

The Demo shows game mechanics and look and feel of full version. You start out on a small pond with plenty of close by fishing holes. The difficulty setting is set at Easy.

A default loadout of gear is purchased automatically from the Tackle Store. You have one rod/reel, two scent bottles and two lures. Your bank account has enough cash to buy inexpensive gear.

Your goal is to catch five of the biggest Bass in the pond before time ends.

Gameplay Tips